I needed an online address book, but didn't want to hand over all my data to strangers at a free 'online desktop' service. Besides, I wanted it to be organized just the way I liked. So I wrote this. You can use it, too, and modify it. Enjoy!

The CGI Wrapper - 'bookman.cgi'

This CGI script lives in /cgi-bin/ and just sets up some environment and runs the Manager. Adjust paths to suit.

 #!/usr/bin/env bash
 export db_dir=/PATH/TO/MY/DATABASE/DIR
 export script_name=$SCRIPT_NAME

The Manager - ''

The module contains the program (which imports the base classes) that does all the HTML and Javascript stuff.


My Way

The Base Classes - ''

The module contains the classes that define the pieces of the address book and how they are marshalled to/from XML. This module can be used by non-CGI programs to read, edit, and write the address book. For example, for converting to/from other address book formats.

Bonus Programs

Here are a couple short Python scripts that mine the data in your address book:

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